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All my Resourcepacks for Minecraft Java Edition.
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3D Particles

3D Particles

A resourcepack that makes some of Minecrafts particles 3D



Saturated is a Resource Pack for Minecraft Java Edition that makes the game look slightly more vibrant!

Rainbow XP

Rainbow XP is a pack for Minecraft that changes xp from green to rainbow, compatible with vanilla.

Consistent Leather

Consistent Leather

Makes all leather related textures use the same colour palette. This includes items, leather armour, and saddles.

Purple Gateways Remastered

Purple Gateways Remastered

A simple pack that improves the look of End Portals and End Gateways

Warm Smoke

Warm Smoke

A pack that slightly improves the look of campfire smoke

Cherry Everything

Cherry Everything

This pack retextures almost all "generic" wood blocks to use the colour palette of the new cherry wood. This includes blocks such as chests and the crafting table.

Rainbow Fade Outlines

Rainbow Fade Outlines is a simple resource pack for Minecraft that makes the block selection and entity hitboxes rainbow coloured and animated.

Gilded Item Selection

Gilded Item Selection

Changes the boring item hover to something more fancy!

Gilded Neon UI

Gilded Neon UI

Gilded Neon UI is a dark themed GUI resourcepack with a gold and purple colour scheme.

Fancy Beacon Beams

Fancy Beacon Beams is a resourcepack that makes use of core shaders to add some extra detail to beacon beams.

Multicolour Fade Outline

Multicolour Fade Outlines is a resource pack that makes things like the block selection outline and entity hitboxes be a fade of 2 colours instead of just a solid black.

3D Arrow Items

This pack makes the arrow item look like its entity form. This also applies when pulling a bow or loading a crossbow.

Visible Glint

Makes the enchantment glint visible when on armour and items in the world.

Shimmering Trims

Shimmering Trims

Shimmering Trims is a pack that makes the new armour trims animate similarly to the enchantment glint as well as making them emissive.

Bedrock Preview UI

A GUI resource pack that changes most aspects of the GUI in Minecraft to be more inspired by the new UIs in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Particle Fade

Particle Fade is a core shader resource pack for Minecraft Java that makes particles fade away when they are close to the camera.

Proper Bars

ProperBars is a resource pack that changes the health, hunger, armour and breath bars into actual bars

Flat Packed

Flat Packed is a pack that flattens dropped items to make them fully 2D and makes them look as if they are laying on the floor.

Iconic Options

Iconic Options adds icons to most options in the game.

Better Dyed Signs

A small pack that aims to make text on signs more readable and also make text look more like the dye that is used on the sign.

Z-Fight Fixes

Z-Fight Fixes is a pack that fixes some z-fighting issues within the game.

Visible Powder Snow

Visible Powder Snow is a resourcepack for Minecraft Java Edition that adds exclamation marks or borders around powder snow.

Pastel Text Colours

This pack makes all the default text colours slightly brighter and softer looking.

Rainbow Break

Rainbow Break is a simple resource pack for Minecraft Java Edition that makes the block breaking animation rainbow.

Enchanted's Alternate Font

Enchanted's Alternate Font is a simple resourcepack that slightly changes the font in Minecraft.

Lighter Water

Lighter water is a simple pack that makes all water a lighter blue colour and also more transparent.

HD Paintings

HD Paintings is a Minecraft resourcepacks that, you guessed it, makes the paintings HD.

UV Fixes

UV Fixes is a small pack for 1.17 that fixes a few texture mapping issues.

Tiny Tweaks

Tiny Tweaks is a resource pack for Minecraft that subtly tweaks a lot of textures to improve them.

Super Dim UI

Super Dim UI is a resource pack that makes all GUIs in Minecraft darker. It also replaces the dirt background with a matching accent colour.

Refurbished Tools

Refurbished Tools is a pack that gives a shiny, new look to most tools in the game.

3D Plants

3D Plants is a pack that makes most foliage in the game have slight 3D depth instead of just being a flat cross.

3D Dripstones

3D Dripstones is a pack that makes Dripstones have a full 3D model instead of just being a flat cross.


Waterlogged is a Resource pack that makes some waterloggable blocks look slightly weathered when placed underwater.


CTPack is A simple pack that aims to make the game look better by using Optifines connected texture feature!

Cosmetic Elytra

Cosmetic Elytra is a simple Resource Pack for Minecraft Java Edition that adds some cosmetic overlays to elytra

Slabs +

Slabs + is a Resource Pack for Minecraft Java Edition 1.14+ that changes the textures of Double Slabs!