Custom XP Colours - v2.0.4



  • Colour pickers have been rewritten and updated
  • Some adjustments to input styling


  • Update to support minecraft 1.21
  • Fix static xp bar not being created for minecraft 1.20.2 and above


  • Fixed some layout issues on chromium based browsers


  • The app now uses a green accent colour
  • Fixed animated xp bar being partially transparent


  • Complete overhaul of the app, It now uses a similar system to the Custom Outline Creator.
  • Rewritten the app from scratch to allow more features and better performance.

New Features

  • Experience Orb colours are now much more customisable.

    You can now specify more colours and control the animation with 7 different settings

  • Experience Orbs now have an interactive 3D preview so you can get a better look at how they will look in-game

  • Experience Bar can now be animated by enabling the "Advanced Animation" option (only animates in 1.17 or above!)

  • Resourcepacks can now be imported to allow for easy editing.

    Any resourcepacks made before v1.2.3 cannot currently be imported

  • Custom XP resourcepacks can now be shared using a link from the Download & Share tab


  • The look of Experience Bottles has been improved

  • Experience Bottle and Experience Bar colours can now be changed seperately

Technical Changes & Information

  • Optimisations made to the final resourcepack to improve both compatability and performance

  • Adding a cxp-prompt-download parameter to a share link will show a download prompt when someone opens the link


  • Updated to support 1.20.5
  • Resourcepacks now include data so they are compatible with a future rewrite of this app


  • Accesibility Improvements


  • Slightly adjusted the look of the generator to more closely match the rest of the site


  • Now supports all 1.20 versions!

  • 1.20, 1.20.1, 1.20.2 and 1.20.3 are all currently supported. Select "1.20.x" in the Generate Pack menu.


More Versions Supported!

  • Most old Minecraft versions are now supported from 1.6 to the latest versions!

    Note: you need to use OptiFine for the generator to work in Minecraft 1.18.1 and below.

OptiFine Support

  • This generator now works with the OptiFine mod!

Texture Changes

  • The middle part of XP Bottles are no longer green when the colour is pure white.

  • The "darker" part of the XP Bar and XP Bottles has been lightened to allow more freedom when selecting colours.

  • Increased animation speed of XP orbs again (on website, doesn't affect in-game speed)


  • Slightly decreased the animation speed of XP Orbs (on website, doesn't affect in-game speed)

  • This generator no longer overwrites data belonging to the BlockDesigner


  • Initial Release

Experience Orb Info

Experience Orbs

The options in this section control the look of experience orbs. Drag your mouse over the preview to look around and scroll to zoom in or out

Iris Compatability

If you are using Iris shaders, you will need a mod such as Colormatic or Vanadium (or similar) to see your custom xp orb colours when shaders are active.

Optifine & Colormatic Compatability

IMPORTANT! These mods are not fully supported by this generator so the preview may not be fully accurate and some options won't fully supported (see table below).

Option Value if using Optifine / Colormatic (or similar mods)
Animation Mode Will be set to "Vanilla Style"
Random Offset Will be Enabled
Emissive Will be Disabled

Experience Bar Info

Experience Bar

The options in this section control the look of the experience bar, this is located above the hotbar in-game

Advanced Animation

Enables some extra options to animate the experience bar.

  • When this is disabled, you can set two seperate colours for the experience bar to use
  • When this is enabled, the experience bar uses the experience orb colours (without opacity). Some new options will appear that let you control how the animation will look


The animation uses core shaders which means it will not work in Minecraft 1.16.5 or older. Instead, a static texture will be generated from the first frame of the animation. You can see what this will look like by setting "Animation Speed" to 0

This option may be incompatible with other resourcepacks that use the same core shader in 1.17 and above. If you see any incorrect or buggy textures, try disabling this option.

Experience Text Info

Experience Orbs

These options let you change the colour of experience text. This is the green number above the xp bar, levels required in enchantmnt table, enchantment cost in an anvil, etc.

The text shadow colour might get ignored if you are using Optifine. Instead the shadow will be a darker version of the main text colour.

Installation Help

Pack Installation Instructions

These instructions are for Minecraft Java Edition only.

  1. Ensure you have selected the correct Minecraft version in the Pack Settings box.

    If you are unsure which one to pick, open Minecraft Java Edition and look in the bottom left corner of the title screen.

  2. Click the "Download Pack" button and wait for the pack to be downloaded.

  3. Open Minecraft Java Edition and navigate to the Resource Packs menu.

    From the title screen click 'Options' then 'Resource Packs'.

  4. Navigate to your downloads folder and drag the pack you downloaded onto the Minecraft window.

  5. You can now enable the pack and enjoy!

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