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All my Mods for Minecraft Java Edition.
Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac

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Invisible Frames

Invisible Frames

A simple, survival-friendly way to make Item Frames invisible!

Better Falling Block Particles

Better Falling Block Particles

A simple mod that makes falling blocks emit particles, similar to block breaking particles, when floating or when on a non-full block.

Enchanted Vertical Slabs

A simple, vanilla-like mod that adds vertical slabs to Minecraft.

No Directional Damage Tilt

Removes the directional damage tilt from the client, essentially bringing MC-26678 back into the game

Third Person Nametags

Third Person Nametags is a mod for Fabric that makes your nametag render in third person and in inventories.

EVS - BetterEnd

A simple, vanilla-like mod that adds BetterEnd vertical slabs to Minecraft.

All The Discs

All The Discs

A Fabric mod for Minecraft that adds music by C418 to the game in the form of music discs.