Enchanted Vertical Slabs

A simple, vanilla-like mod that adds vertical slabs to Minecraft. This mod aims to be as close to what vertical slabs would probably be like if they were added to vanilla. They can be crafted the same way a normal slab can in a crafting table just vertically instead of horizontally. This mod is a fabric mod that requires Fabric API to function.

1.8 Changes

  • Walls and Glass Panes now connect to Vertical Slabs

1.8.1 Changes

  • Walls now extend to be a full block tall when a vertical slabs in placed on top of one, as if there was a full block or another wall above it.
  • Added vertical cherry slabs
  • When combining a vertical slab, the sound played is no longer a slightly higher pitch than when initially placing the vertical slab
  • Updated to 1.19.4