Consistent Leather

This pack makes all leather related textures use the same colour palette. This includes items, leather armour, and saddles.

Full list of changes
  • Leather Item
  • Leather Armour
  • Leather Horse Armour
  • Books
  • Enchanted Books
  • Saddle Items
  • Saddles on entities
  • Item Frames
  • Leatherworker Villager garments
  • Piglins and Piglin Brutes
  • Zombified Piglins

Pack Versions

There are two versions of the pack. "Consistent Brown Leather" uses a slightly improved colour palette that is similar to the default leather armour colour. "Consistent Classic Leather" uses an orange colour palette similar to the original leather armour colour.


This pack was inspired by Vanilla Tweak's Brown Leather pack. I made some improvements to the leather palette and applied it to more textures, such as villagers and leather armour.