UV Fixes

NOTE: This pack is no longer being updated since most, if not all the things it fixes have been fixed in either 1.18 or 1.19

UV Fixes is a small pack for Minecraft 1.17 that fixes a couple texture mapping issues.

These are textures that are not applied correctly or use parts of textures that may end up looking weird (such as the sides of doors).

All fixes in this pack

  • The bottoms of hoppers no longer use the side texture
  • Cactus in a flower pot is no longer squished
  • The top of fully grown cocoa beans is no longer misaligned
  • Lily pads are no longer incorrectly mirrored when placed
  • The top and sides of doors now have proper side textures
  • The sides of trapdoors now have proper side textures and arent incorrectly rotated in some places