Cosmetic Elytra

Cosmetic Elytra is a simple Resource Pack for Minecraft Java Edition that adds some cosmetic overlays to elytra! For this pack to work you will need Optifine installed and have the Custom Items option turned On! To get the new elytra simply rename an elytra the corresponding name below (Not case sensitive):

  • Diamond Coated Elytra
  • Gold Coated Elytra
  • Lapis Coated Elytra
  • Iron Coated Elytra
  • Emerald Coated Elytra
  • Netherite Coated Elytra
  • Enchanted Elytra
  • Code Purple
  • Code Red
  • Code Green
  • Code Blue
  • Wings
  • Dragon Wings
  • Redstone Coated Elytra