Tiny Tweaks

Tiny Tweaks is a simple Resource Pack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition! It changes a few textures of the game to make them look slightly better.

New in v9.0:
-Hay bales now use the same colours as wheat
-Chisseled Polished Blackstone is no longer off-cenetered
-Compass and Clock textures have been changed to the 1.17 ones
-Potion Potency and Enchantment levels are now numbers (1,2 etc)
-You can disable this via the custom language in the languages menu
-Sounds for grass and dirt based blocks have been slightly changed

Here is a Complete List of all the textures changes in this pack:
-All types of Furnaces have a different texture for the sides and top
-Diamond,Redstone,Emerald,Gold,Nether Gold Ores and Gilded Blackstone have a shine animation
-All armour pieces are now Squarer
-The hotbar has been slightly changed
-Armour indicators are now diamond coloured instead of iron coloured
-Lava has been slightly adjusted to look more orange
-Infested Blocks (Monster Eggs) now have a slightly darker border so they are easier to spot
-All types of logs are now slightly more rounded on the tops and bottoms
-Bedrock is now less contrasted
-Polished Blackstone and Polished Blackstone Bricks are now smoother
-All GUIs now have Square corners
-Pickaxes now look sharper
-Disc 11 has been replaced with C418 - Door
-Disc 13 has been replaced with C418 - Chris
-C418 - Dog now plays after C418 - Cat (Like Legacy Console editions)
-C418 Door can sometimes play when in survival mode instead of Calm 2
-Beacons are now slightly animated
-Command blocks' texture is no longer off-centered
-Water and Flowing Water now look a bit more realistic
-Hay bales now match the colour of wheat better
-Added an option to enable or disable the black text background behind selected items above the hotbar. To enable or disable it click on the TinyTweaks resource pack in-game and click the gear. You can then change wether it's enabled or not.