Custom Outline Creator - v1.4.2



  • App version now has an underline when a changelog is present
  • Minor internal changes


  • The app will now switch to the "Block Outline" tab when importing or loading a pack.
  • Slightly decreased the default Animation Speed for the Block Outline Selection.
  • Improved the look of transparent colours in Safari.
Fixed bugs introduced in the last update
  • Fixed some lines for the Entity Hitbox Preview not showing.
  • The Entity Hitbox preview will no longer show a grass block when opening a share link.
  • Transparent colours in the Block Outline preview will no longer make the background block image invisble.


  • Added a new option "Render Through Blocks" for the Block Selection Outline which makes the outline always visible, even when behind a block.

    This option is not available for Entity Hitboxes as it would provide an unfair advantage on multiplayer servers.

  • Improved the preview for the Block Selection Outline by adding an image of a block.

  • Website preview should now match the in-game look more closely.

  • Resourcepacks now support up to 1.20.4

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • The colour list is no longer reversed in-game.
  • Improved page load speed on certain browsers and systems.
  • Fixed number slider inputs showing '0' when loading older share links.
  • Decimal and negative numbers can now be entered into number slider inputs.

Technical Details

  • A download prompt can now be shown by adding co-prompt-download to share links.
  • custom-outline-canvas elements are now created as needed, this should improve performance.
  • Internal format version is now 4.


  • Changed number inputs and sliders to a custom hybrid input.
  • Either click on the input and drag to adjust the value or click the input once to type in a value manually.


  • Colours are no longer have different offsets when Smooth Mix is enabled and when Smooth Mix is disabled.
  • Optimisations to in-game shaders.


  • Added Pack Importing. This lets you import a previously created Outline Resourcepack so you can edit it more easily.
  • Added a confirmation screen before new outline settings are loaded.
  • Replaced the Info tab with an Import tab.
  • Experiments will now show in a seperate Experiments tab when any experimental options are available.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Some performance improvements on initial page load.
  • Error handling has been improved and some errors now have better messages.


  • Fixed an error that could occur when trying to open old share links.
  • Old data is now updated correctly.


  • Updated to support 1.20.2.
  • Added new option to hitboxes "Apply to Eye Lines". If this is enabled, the red eye height and blue facing direction lines will be replaced by your custom hitbox settings.
  • The Resourcepack Icon will now more accurately show the current config, colours are no longer smoothly mixed when they shouldn't be.

Technical Details

  • Internal format version is now 3.


  • Updated default settings for entity hitboxes.


  • An error that prevented the app from loading in certain circumstances should now be fixed.


  • Added a new config option: "Fixed Animation".
  • Pack Importing has been added as an experimental feature. You can find it under the Info tab.
  • A changelog can now be accessed by clicking the version number next to the app name.
  • Added a new Info tab which contains some information about the app as well as sometimes experimental settings.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Optimised parts of the in-game shaders.
  • Error handling has been improved meaning the app will no longer freeze if an error occurs.
  • Removed a loading screen that could appear when clicking the Download and Share tab. Instead the Pack Icon Preview will show a placeholder image.

Technical Details

  • Internal format version is now 2.


  • Fixed an error that could occur when compiling the resource pack that would prevent the pack from downloading.


  • Initial Release

Installation Help

Pack Installation Instructions

These instructions are for Minecraft Java Edition only.

  1. Ensure you have selected the correct Minecraft verison in the Pack Settings box.

    If you are unsure which one to pick, open Minecraft Java Edition and look in the bottom left corner of the title screen.

  2. Click the "Download Pack" button and wait for the pack to be downloaded.

  3. Open Minecraft Java Edition and navigate to the Resource Packs menu.

    From the title screen click 'Options' then 'Resource Packs'.

  4. Navigate to your downloads folder and drag the pack you downloaded onto the Minecraft window.

  5. You can now enable the pack and enjoy!

Load These Settings?

Do you want to load the following outline settings? Caution: This will override the current outline settings.

Settings were shared with you via a URL.

Settings are from a Custom Outline Resourcepack.

pack name
Block Selection Preview
Entity Hitbox Preview


Would you like to download the following resource pack?

pack name
Block Selection Preview
Entity Hitbox Preview

This will download the resource pack for the latest supported Minecraft version.

Download Pack

Pack Settings

Pack Icon Preview


Easily share your Custom Outlines.

Import Resourcepack

Here you can import a previously created Custom Outlines Resourcepack to edit it.